Integrate your namecheap custom domain with hashnode

Integrate your namecheap custom domain with hashnode

8 Step guide to use you namecheap custom domain or subdomain with hashnode

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This is the perfect guide if you want to map your namecheap domain with hashnode. I preasume that you have registered yourself on as well as and purchased a domain.

#1 Inside your namecheap dashboard select manage of the domain which you want to map. Screenshot (255).png

#2 Select Advanced DNS

Screenshot (257).png

#3 Go to your Hashnode dashboard > Select Domain

Screenshot (259).png

#4 Update your domain or subdomain name

Screenshot (262).png

Here, in this domain blog. work as a subdomain, but if you want to use whole domain dedicatedly, write it without prefix.

#5 Grab your HostName and Value

Screenshot (265).png

If you are not using subdomain default Host Name is @

#6 Delete all the pre-existing default Records using delete icon in front of the each row.

Now, click on the Add New Record

Screenshot (268).png

#7 Select CNAME Record

Screenshot (270).png

#8 Fill HostName in host and Value. Add Set TTL to 30 min

Screenshot (271).png

#9 Ahhh, no more steps!! We are done. After some time your blog should be able to say hello! from custom domain.

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