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How to learn Git and GitHub like a pro?

How to learn Git and GitHub like a pro?

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Amit Patil
·Jun 27, 2021·

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I’ve always had somewhat of a love / hate relationship with source control. Irrespective of relationship status with version control, knowing your way around it is a pretty important part of being a programmer.

While learning any framework or programming language, I used to think like; "let me finish this course first then I will learn about git and GitHub". But here is a catch, take a moment and learn it!

If you are learning something, throughout the course what you can do is:

  • Host your ongoing project on GitHub
  • Create a branch for every new feature
  • Make a pull request and merge it yourself
  • Commit with the title of the video as a commit message.

Why am I suggesting this?

  • Usually at the earlier stage I used to run out of the git commit messages, so using video title as a message is best bet.
  • By repeatedly doing git commit, push, merge every day will give you muscle memory and enough exposure to git command line tools, which further enhances productivity as well.

Remember to commit early and to commit often.

Oh, and please use meaningful commit messages

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