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Ace your next flutter Interview

Ace your next flutter Interview

Your flutter interview coming up next? In this blog we will walkthrough some obvious but important aspect of flutter interview.

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·Jul 31, 2021·

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Your story

You might get a call from recruiter, and the first question he might ask you "Tell me more about yourself ?" You supposed to cover following points in your introduction so that recruiter could see a potential candidate in you

  • Your name, College and your current location
  • What is your current qualification?
  • How did you get started with flutter?
  • Why did you choose flutter over other frameworks?
  • Your open source contributions?
  • Which project you have built and what are the key highlights of the projects?
  • Mention your blog, YouTube Channel, Hackathon participations.


Myself Amit Patil, I'm currently in Noida. Actually I wanted to explore app development side so I started with Flutter and native android. As in the process I really liked a ease in development process in flutter and decided to continue in it, I'm doing flutter from a year now.

I have contributed to flutter organization in an event of Adopt A Widget and worked on some issues more precisely added foreground image property in circle avatar. I have also participated in several hackathons with flutter as a tech stack.

I have worked on Doctor-Duniya application as a project which is basically appointment booking app for patients and doctor having backend in Firebase, calling functionality in Agora and as a state management tool I have used provider.

I have a written blogs and a YouTube Channel where I have Playlist on Dart OOPs concepts, Train Live status Application and some guidance to get started with flutter, That's pretty much about my flutter journey.

p.s. Ahhh, And don't worry if you dont have a YouTube channel to show, just describe your story in your way.

Some Important Questions

  1. Which state management you have used before? Why did you choose that one?
  2. Are you familiar with unit, widget and integration testing in flutter?
  3. Have you ever worked with push notifications, If yes then where you have implemented it and how?
  4. What are Profile, Debug and release mode? Are you familiar with flutter flavours ?
  5. Ever worked with Null Safety?
  6. What are different widget and App life cycles of an application ?
  7. Ever worked with platform channels? Where you have implemented it?
  8. How much are you familiar with API integration? Have you done it before?
  9. Ever published apps to play store or app store?

Also expect some of these use case dependent questions like, if they are working on AR or on Tensor flow then they might ask you for your experience regarding that packages.

Also search on google "Top 20 Flutter interview questions" and read first 3 articles. I haven't covered teeny-tiny basic question's so it will help you to brush up your basic concepts.


  1. Host your projects on GitHub and add a link in Project Section of your resume.
  2. Make sure to have a reasonably good Readme
  3. If you got an assignment, make sure to build responsive app, you might miss in a hurry. also submit an report stating, Why you structured project like this and how it gonna help in scaling the app?
  4. Don't settle with mentioned pay check in the Job Description, Negotiate your offer.

If you have some tips feel free to comment down below. All the best ! for your interview and I'm really happy to now how your interview was, Feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter .

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