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100 Days of Interview Preparation

100 Days of Interview Preparation

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Amit Patil
·Aug 1, 2021·

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The Plan

I decided to create an interesting challenge to keep myself busy and accountable. This challenge is the Journey of my interview preparation from entry level to interview ready dev. So for the following months I gonna be documenting entire journey on the blog posts and short recaps on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Time Line


  • Complete DSA & Interview Prep Course Consist Of LeetCode questions.
  • Complete App project and make it presentable in CV.


  • Complete course on System design.
  • Operating System
  • Network Fundamentals
  • DBMS
  • OOPS



  • Brush up DSA Concepts, earlier attempted questions
  • Go through Interview experience of top companies
  • Brush up Computer Fundamental's, Aptitude and behavioural questions


Reality Check and self introspections

  • Arrange 5 mock interviews with friends
  • Start Giving Mock interviews on professional platforms at least 5.


  • Develop Problem Solving skills
  • Have a good knowledge on System Design And Computer Fundamentals
  • Projects to showcase Development Skill's
  • Hunt for opportunities and document their interview processes
  • Improve communication skills


Where can I find the resources to get started?

You will find all the resources in this Notion Doc . Will update the resources as I explore different topics mentioned in the timeline.

How can I contribute?

You are free to join the discussion threads on Twitter and LinkedIn . and you can share new ideas which we can try. If you are undergrad going to appear for a tech interview, mark this process as helping guide. If you are a software professional I'm really happy to take inputs from your past interview experiences.


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